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Amanbo Material Collection Platform for Medical Supplies of COVID-19
Medical facilities and medical conditions in Africa are relatively backward.Fighting for COVID-19, Protect Africa, Amanbo is trying our best to do more preparatory work to fight it!
2020-04-13 in Company News
How to start my business in Amanbo?
How to start my business in Amanbo?This article will show you how to start your own voice on Amanbo and earn your
2022-02-24 in Tech & Support
Protect Your Family and Friends from COVID-19
Protecting your loved ones from COVID-19 means taking safety measures to prevent getting or contracting the corona virus the following are measures that we all need to practice religiously in order to stop new infections.
2020-04-03 in Guidelines
Amanbo Black Friday Deals 2019
This years black Friday Amanbo has prepared the biggest shopping deals ever, a great selection of phones, Bluetooth speakers, flash drives, and other accessories to make your devices pop, and keep you up to date with the current trends.
2019-11-05 in Guidelines
Affordable Women Lingerie- UP To 70%OFF
If you are looking for something to handle all that bass, our plus size lace lingerie is perfect for all our curvier African women. Whatever you’re getting up to behind closed doors, we’ve got the perfect underwear set for you.
2019-10-22 in Guidelines
LC KASINUO Portable Bluetooth Speakers
KASINUO LC is specially designed to deliver a deep and loud, jaw-dropping sound. You can place it anywhere and it will truly cover the angle of 360°. Whether you are close or far you will enjoy the same deep and amazing sound just like the sound when you are close.
2019-10-11 in Guidelines
Enjoy Back To School Deals Shopping Deals This September
With schools opening just around the corner, many students and parents are gearing up for back to school shopping, Amanbo Kenya has prepared a special back to school package for both online and offline shoppers at very affordable rates.
2019-08-27 in Guidelines
Best Noise Cancellation Earbuds
Are you using the right set of earphones!! MY LEADDER BH-01, BH -200 or BH-300 wireless magnetic noise cancelation earphones, current trend and best in the market right now.
2019-07-30 in Tech & Support
Amanbo online shop will have lots of discounts and giveaways including your favourite brands the very best of deals on everything - electronics, home appliances, digital products and many more. TV brand TCL both digital and smart at very affordable rates from 24 inch up to 55 inches available online
2019-07-11 in Promotion
China Trade week came to an end this week on the 12th of June 2019, it had been long and busy week for Amanbo Team as we tried our best to showcase our products and services.
2019-06-21 in Company News
Amanbo Exhibition CTW Phase 1 Fully Packed
China trade week 2019 phase 1 took place between 5th to 7th June at the KICC, Amanbo Kenya is proud to be associated with the occasion, showcasing our products and services.
2019-06-10 in Company News
Amanbo Exhibition Booth At China Trade Week Kenya 2019
Kenya’s largest exhibition CHINA TRADE WEEK 2019 - is going down this week at the the KICC (Kenyatta international conference centre) in two phases, the first phase will start on the 5th to 7th and the second phase from 10th to 12th June 2019 from 9 am to 6pm.
2019-06-03 in Company News
Best Place To Buy Geniune Sub Woofers In Kenya
Whether you're looking for a basic 2.1 channel multimedia speaker up to 5.1 cabled home theater system, or a full wireless speaker Sound system then you are at the right place. Amanbo Kenya is here to save you from all that.
2019-05-21 in Company News
Amanbo Biggest Electronic Sale Ever
Amanbo’s biggest electronic sale ever is now bigger and better, shop now and enjoy 50% off
2019-05-14 in Company News
Why You Should Shop at Amanbo Service Center Two Rivers Mall
Are you looking for a trustworthy online offline shopping mall, Amanbo Service Centre is the ideal shop for you, located in one of the biggest shopping mall in Kenya, the store provides a unique shopping for its offline customers.
2019-05-08 in Company News
How Amanbo Special Easter Sale Went Down! What You Missed?
How did you celebrate your Easter? I bet you enjoyed to the fullest but if you missed Amanbo special Easter sale you missed the fun.Hundreds of people flocked at Amanbo service center Two rivers branch to shop and celebrate Amanbo special Easter sale on the decks was DJ Black rose, who entertai
2019-04-30 in Company News
The biggest Easter sale is here bigger and better! Save up to 70% OFF! Starting from 9th to 22th April.Enjoy our amazing shopping deals and a wide range of products from Electronics, Home appliances, Smart phones, Baby and digital products, and so on.
2019-04-10 in Promotion
Download The Amanbo APP
Shopping on your mobile phone is easy since you can do your shopping anywhere any time. Amanbo app provides an immersive and unique experience that makes online shopping a much simpler and a seamless process.
2018-09-29 in Guidelines
Why LEADDER Electronics Is Taking Over Kenyan Market
Mention the name LEADDER electronics anywhere in Kenya, and it’s now a house hold name, every big or small electronic dealer sells LEADDER products.
2018-09-12 in Company News
Enjoy Great Shopping Deals This September
Amanbo offers amazing combination of a huge variety of products, with very attractive prices, on the other hand, the quality of the products and the level of service is of high standards
2018-09-05 in Company News
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